Car insurance policies – Never forget the small details

Car insurance policies – Never forget the small details

Those “fine prints” in contracts, policies, and agreements, which people usually forget to pay attention to, are usually the ones that can lead to some various problems and issues in the future. It is these small details that can lead to substantial savings or increased expenses, depending on whether people choose to read them or completely neglect them. This is especially true when it comes to car insurance policies, offered by AMI Insurance, or other New Zealand insurance companies.

Tedious, but highly important

22m  mn,While these agreements and contracts can be somewhat time-consuming and tedious to read, you should know that they are designed in such a way for a good reason. The details found in car insurance policies will allow them to cover and discuss, in great detail, all the potential eventualities and situations that might occur. Of course, some of these situations can turn out to be of critical importance.

The purpose of this article is to show you, why exactly you should never skip on reading the specific details of your car insurance policy before you sign anything.

Various scenarios

One of the most common unfortunate scenarios among car drivers are hit and run accidents. These accidents do not include only those incidents, where a driver hits someone with his car and decides to flee the scene. Hit and run accidents can also include milder situations, for example, where one parks his/her car in front of the grocery store, heads into it to shop, only to find his car damaged or dented upon exiting the store. There is hardly a person who hasn’t experienced this annoying and infuriating situation.

Hit and run

What this means, is that someone probably bumped into this person’s car and left off without leaving any contact information. The most common thing in a situation like this would be to file a claim via the uninsured motorist clause because this incident still falls under the category of hit and run. But, this is where things can get a bit more complicated.

Various car insurance companies have various opinions when it comes to the deductibles applied to such situations. If you fail, or simply forget, to read the fine prints in advance and familiarize yourself with the details, it is highly likely you will end up paying a much higher fee.

Car rentals

Car renting is yet another common situation car drivers can face from time to time. Many reasons can lead to this. Some of them may include your car being broken or unavailable or being on vacation. Reasons aside, you need to learn whether you are covered by your initial car insurance plan, and if so, to what degree.

Full or partial coverage

The main thing you should know here is that, in most cases, your car insurance provider will take on all the risks, or some of them, the ones that you assume when operating a rented car. The conditions and the specific amounts of coverage under which an insurance provider is willing to apply are usually quite different from one insurance company to the next.

33333  m;znvvnnsThis is yet another reason why you should pay special attention to the fine prints. Many people still believe that, when renting cars, they are fully covered by their insurance. What they usually realize soon …

Paying Back Student Loans


Student loans have become a necessity for most students, which they need for the completion of their education. Education has become an expensive affair, which has become hard to manage without financial help in the form of an educational loan or scholarship. Educational loans are the only resort for average students to pursue their student loans. However, it is required that the loan amount inclusive of the prescribed interests are paid back.

Ways to pay back student loans faster

Savings planloanstudeeeeeeeeeee

It might be of help to get a part time job or find other methods of making money. Methods that can help you raise extra income include starting a business, finding out what you are passionate about and writing books about it, or you can set up a crowdfunding campaign.

Work to reduce debt

There are a lot of things you can do to reduce the level of your debt. For instance, you can set up an internet venture or a crowdfunding campaign which is one of the quickest ways of making money online. With this, you can quickly get money using either one of the more popular crowdfunding sites or use your own software, which you can set up within minutes since there are low-cost plugins.


Think about pulling all your existing loans to just one. This method has an advantage of you worrying about just one payment, and you may also get a discount from the finance company.

Early payment of the principal

If you are paying your loan while in school, make sure that it is going to the principal amount and not the interest.

Trim budget

If getting more money is what you want, but you cannot raise your income easily, the option will be to decrease loaneeeaaaaaaaaaaatyour budget. For example, you can move to an apartment that is cheaper, skip meals out, give up alcohol, and work extra hours. This will greatly benefit your student loan repayment.

It can be intimidating to pay back student loans, but do not freak out; you can pay them back. All you need is a determination and a plan. Hopefully, you will find the above ways helpful, just try them.…

Why You Are Still Broke


Making substantial amount of money daily is everybody’s goal and fantasy to live a fulfilling life. Everybody is waking up each morning to go to work or business to earn an extra shilling to pay bills. But many people are still stuck in behaviors and routines that keep them broke day in day out.

Reasons why you are still broke

Fear to take riskspennilesssssloa

In nearly every day to day undertaking, a certain degree of risk is involved to gain or meet a financial goal. Many people fear to take a loan from a bank and finance their business with a fear of failure to repay back. Taking a financial risk is the ultimate way to get out of being broke.

Failure to set money goals

Setting money goals is a great way to prosper financially as you will have a target to achieve. Setting a goal is a driving force that will power one to beat all odds to meet the set goals. Failure to set money goals will lead one to relax and not mind about prospering financially as goal setting is a great way of building wealth and financial success.

 Failure to have a money plan

Not everybody who earns good salary or profits use money well. Many earn a lot of money, but they do not have a plan for their money which leads them to spend inappropriately. They mostly invest most of their money in non-profit making ventures like leisure, drinking and others which leave them broke all the time.

Being overly stuck in a debt trap

A good number of people are paying their debts daily or monthly and most of them have been caught up in debt paying to the extent that they don’t get extra or enough money to finance their projects. Some people are desperate for money and end up using their credit cards every time leading to debt slavery.

Spending more than you are earning

Many people tpennilessoverrrrrrrrrrrend to live a lifestyle that they do not afford and end up spending more than they are earning. This will lead one to accumulate a lot of debts that will end up selling properties to finance his/her lavish lifestyle and pay loans. Failure to regulate spending will lead one to become broke.

Despite many people having high paying jobs and good businesses, they are still broke because they lack proper planning and how to put their money into good use thus end up broke all the time.…